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Answers to Your Questions

Can you trust online reviews?

In general, yes. Online reviews give consumers detailed insights from the customer perspective, giving a point of view that the business is not always able to provide. However, it is important for customers to do their due diligence when reading online reviews. Read more than a handful of reviews in order to understand a wide range of customer experiences. Use a healthy amount of skepticism, too. If a review sounds too good to be true, then it just might be.

Does the Software connect to my PMS?

Our platform is currently integrated to over 1,000 other software systems, including many practice management systems. This allows us to implement the review and survey process to be "hands-free", automating the entire process. 

Does Soapbox Health manage my SEO? 

Although we do partner with an award-winning healthcare marketing agency, our platform does not manage your website or Paid Search marketing efforts. Soapbox is a tool to help automate the review process, which in turn will help boost your online reputation and helps boost search rankings. 

Can You Buy Reviews?

Unfortunately, yes, but this is a VERY risky proposition and could have pretty detrimental effects to your online profiles if Google, Facebook or Yelp find out. The best method is to just ask your patients for their honest feedback! 

Is there a contract term? 

We do not currently require a contract term. We strive for 100% satisfaction with our clients and don't believ in locking you into anything that isn't working for you.

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